Library Espresso Shot Training (click on espresso cup to sign up)

Espress Shots are a one year subscription of short 2-10 minute tutorials that cover library-related current topics in a short time frame.  These are added to frequently.  $25 for a one-year subscription.

PDF Descriptions of all Espresso Shots

Reader's Advisory

Basic Library Service Skills

Beyond the Box:  Library Outreach Ideas

Introduction to New Adult Fiction

Measuring Library Outreach Success

Planning Library Outreach Events

Online Reader's Advisory
Addressing Gender Identity and Expression

Workplace Characteristics:  Understanding the Generations

Pungent Personal Hygiene Issues in the Library

Helping the Homeless at Your Library

What is a MARC Record?  MARC 21 Bibliographic Records

Mobile Circulation

First Impressions - Customer Service

Technology Reference Interview

Strategies for Working with the Talkative Patron

Responding to Disruptive, Threatending or Violent Behavior in the Library


Pitfalls of Transitioning from Buddy to Boss

Understanding Personality Styles

Clever Strides to Improve Library Team Effectiveness

Library Peer to Peer Recognition Programs

Motivating the Underachiever

Providing Constructive Feedback for Library Staff

Stressed Out at Work!?!  How to Manage Without Losing It

Lower the Drama Factor in Your Library

Conflict Avoidance:  Take Steps to Correct This Destructive Behavior

Motivate Different Generations in the Work Force

Library Programs and Trends

Ice Breakers for Public Library Staff Days

Fit Some Fitness Into Your Work Day

Beyond-the-Box Library Outreach Ideas

Book Munch for Lunch Bunch

Telling Your Library's Story with Data

After School Programming in the Public Library

Small Business Resources

Trending...Aging Advances

Trending...Collective Impact

Trending....Fast Casual

Trending...Connecting Learning

Human Resources

Designing a Library Employee Dress Code

Onboarding Tips & Tricks

Whistleblower Policies for Libraries

Library Staff Individual Growth Plans

Gameplan to Tackle Bullying in the Library

Career Mobility

New Overtime Guides for Libraries

Duty to Act:  Harassment Awareness

Protected Status - Harassment Prevention for Libraries

Virtual Harassment - Harassment Prevention for Libraries

What Harassment is NOT - Harassment Prevention for Libraries



Avoiding Email Phishing Scams!

Exploring RFID in Your Library...Just the Basics

Library Policies for Computer Use

Tips for Managing Email & Digital Clutter

Microsoft Excel:  Shading Alternate Rows

Twitter:  A Librarian's Resource for Professional Development

Libraries in the Cloud

Management & Leadership

Library/Legislator Relationship Building

Co-Mentoring at Your Library

Library Displays

Colorful Displays

Do a Display....OK!

Library Paraprofessional

1440 Minutes in a Day

Getting Along with People you Dislike - Managing Personality Conflicts

What You Should Say to an Angry Customer

Children's Services

20 Children's Books all About the Library

Children's Books on Unity.  Kindness.  Peace